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25 thoughts on “CROCHET BRAIDS w/ MARLEY HAIR! (step by step)

  1. I thought u were thechicnatural until I saw your name but both beautiful
    looks makeup and hair 🙂 

  2. I love how you try to make your videos straight to the point!!!! That’s
    exactly how I like to keep my videos no more than 5 mins,
    Great jobbbbb btw
    New subbie

  3. Nice. I’m gonna be doing crochet braids in the cooler months too. BTW,
    everytime I watch your videos I feel like I hear an accent? Where are you

  4. What I would have loved to see is the top portion (your part) of your hair,
    to see how well it blends for that grow ing from the root effect. Nice
    tutorial, beautiful results. 

  5. Hey thanks for this video. Unlike the other ones I see – you’ve slowed it
    nicely; it’s super clear and very well lighted. I haven’t learned how to
    cornrow my hair yet (but can do others..lol) So just got someone to do the
    cornrow and the rest I did. SUPER EASY. Thank you – no more $200 to the
    African braiders (no offense to ppl) ^_^

  6. I love this hairstyle and as a person who loves twist and weaves,
    transitioning to just wearing my natural hair and getting my hair back
    healthy again, this is great for me and will not break my hair. My question
    is at least how many strands to apply to each row so that the Marley hair
    is not too big.

  7. Very pretty. I like the way you speak…very clear voice…you could be a
    DJ. Even without my hearing aid, I understood you.

  8. This is like my fifth time watching this video. Love it. Can’t wait to try
    it on my own 

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