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25 thoughts on “Collection Of Girls Hairstyles Pt1

  1. I love the styles! They look very simply. I will be trying these on my
    daughters hair. Hopefully it’ll look good on her curly hair.

  2. I just love these styles…they are too cute!! You are very talented with
    your babies hair. 🙂 I did the second style on my daughter’s hair today!!
    YAY!! Thanks for the inspiration…You Rock!!

  3. what are those bows are called with little flowers on them but they wrap
    like rubber band ???? where to get them from??

  4. I’m so glad to see little girls with pony tails I think it’s utterly
    ridiculous to see young girls with fake braids down there back those babies
    are going to grow up fast enough lets not push it. Great job mom 

  5. Can’t sleep any how. I must admit i am a product junkie on myself. I try
    not to do that with my 2 yr old. Her hair is very stubborn and wont grow.
    Could it be that sulfur 8 is too strong or the shampoo. Should I even be
    conditioning her hair at her age so frustrating. Please give advice.

  6. i get my daughters hair braided in weave every two i have noticed the last
    3 time when i take her hair out that her sides are falling out two days ago
    i oiled her hair and put it in puff balls tonight i took out the sides to
    oil them again and of coruse a patch of her hair fell out i have no clue
    what to do i didnt but the rubber bands in that tight. any advice?

  7. Hello! I changed the title, Google Pancocojams Videos Of Young Black Girls
    Hair Styles & Hair Care

  8. I don’t think that you are doing anything wrong. I suggest that you loosen
    up her ponytail holder so that it’s not too tight. Are you twisting her
    pony tail or doing a 3 strand ponytail? twist seem to hang better to me. 3
    strand seem to be more stiff and harder hang straight down for shorter hair.

  9. I’ve used rubber bands with no problem. I just make sure that they are not
    too tight and don’t use the same one twice. use a finger nail clipper to
    cut them off instead of pulling them off (make sure you cut the rubber band
    and not her hair). currently i use goody pony tail holders and I’ll use
    rubber bands at the end of the twisted ponytail.

  10. hi thanks for responding. well when she lay dwn and get up it sticks
    straight up. im nt doin e strand pony. also wht do u recommend for her
    hair? i dont wnt to be a product junkie and just use alot of product on her
    hair? ive got the just for me creme in a jar. its so humid here in the
    south so i want something to be moisturizing. at the same time her hair is
    growing fast.

  11. What are you talking about? They were cute styles that any mother or father
    could use for their child’s hair that wouldn’t take too long to do. They
    were quick simple and cute. Did I mention it was all natural? What video
    did you watch?

  12. thats the thing tho.. i ve learned from 3 different friends.. they cold wit
    it to.. i just cant get it right tho. and dont get me wrong.. i can put
    beads in her hair.. like put pony tails in her hair and braid em up and put
    beads in it, but the hardest part as far as that goes, is getting the 1st
    rubber bands on so the hair is smooth and tight to the scalp. but braiding
    to the scalp and doing different designs and things like that, no way.. i
    feel like i will never get it right.

  13. Thanks for posting this video. I added it to my cultural blog post on
    African American’s girls’ hair styles. Google Pancocojams Videos Of African
    Americans With Their Hair In Braids.

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