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8 thoughts on “Coconut Oil & Black Hair : Natural Hair Styling & Care

  1. Can I use coconut oil castor oil and peppermint oil together to put in my
    hair I have rope twists I do not wash my hair that often

  2. If you want to achieve the best results, use pure and unrefined (virgin)
    coconut oil for your hair. Use it like you would in an intense hot oil
    treatment by coating your hair with the oil, putting on a shower cap or
    wrapping your hair with a warm towel and letting it sit for 15 minutes to
    an hour. dazzy of dazzycoconut . com

  3. Coconut oil is not a sealant… It’s a moisturizer, like olive oil and
    avocado oil. These three actually penetrate the layers of the hair shaft to
    give it moisture. A sealant is a sealant only because it does not penetrate
    the hair shaft, it coats it. When you do informational vids like this, you
    should really do your research…

  4. Coconut oil works like magic! Have experienced amazing health benefits,
    everything from healthier hair/skin to more energy and actually lost 10
    pounds without any extra effort since I started taking it 2 months ago and
    I have notice a difference in my cholesterol levels already and I seem to
    be thinking more clearly with less brain fog. I order mine on Amazon and
    get it in 2 days from this health company.Visit:

  5. coconut oil does not moisturize and it doesn’t seal…matter of fact i
    stopped using it on my hair because it makes my hair feel like dry

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