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25 thoughts on “Classic Prom and Wedding Updo | Natural Hair

  1. My hair crush has done it again…another fabulous video showing how to do
    a sophisticated updo for prom, wedding or a special night out. I love her

  2. Hey Guys!

    Prom and Wedding Season is here! So of course, I had to make sure to give
    you some ideas in the hair department! Here’s a simple updo that looks
    complicated! Perfect for special occasions, formals, and weddings! This
    style can be done on natural, curly, and even straight hair! I hope it

    XoXo! Whit

  3. gorgeous!! Love your videos so simple and classy and I love your music, I
    do not have to mute to avoid profanity!

  4. some parts of your pits will naturally be darker but mine improved when i
    stopped using commercial deodorants and started using natural alternatives

  5. Whitney not only is your hair long and people focus on that the most but
    what no ever mentions is how your hair has this natural shiny healthy look
    to it!! I can clearly look at your hair and see the moisture level is crazy
    an don’t have to feel it to know!! Natural hair is naturally dry because
    that’s the nature of our hair but you are the first I’ve came across who
    knows how to combat the dryness which I can’t stand!! I admire you and you
    are my absolute favorite youtuber!!!

  6. She doesn’t use any heat on her hair. She has a curlformers video where she
    shows how she installs them. She does it on damp hair and lets it air dry.

  7. Oh okay, I see what you mean. Very cute! Thanks for sharing how you did
    your hair. This is very helpful. 🙂 I hope mine turns out okay. Fingers
    crossed!! lol

  8. cut the damaged hair. go see a stylist. some damage can be repaired
    depending on how bad, most damage has to be cut away. if its a lot
    sometimes you can have a stylist cut your hair in layers to mask the amount
    of cutting that is needed. I had that done after color and drying products
    (Mizani) made my hair extremely dry and brittle and broke off

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