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25 thoughts on “Brazillian Blowout on African American hair

  1. People are so sensitive. What is wrong with saying African American hair?
    If she is African American, then she has African American hair. People
    forget that African American falls under black.

  2. My mom does the Brazilian Blowouts and I can tell you this not it. How you
    gonna blow dry the hair & flat iron then rinse. Then apply more heat. That
    is too much. You bout damaged her hair. 

  3. I go to a salon and my hair gets even straighter than that and then when I
    wash it it goes but to my curls but maybe that’s because my hair is
    different. And what is African American hair? I’m dying to know because she
    sounds dumb

  4. why did she straighten her hair twice? I don’t get it. you can get better
    results by washing you hair, applying heat protectant and then blow drying
    it straight.. if you go to a Brazilian salon they charge like 30-40 for
    this… not 200 lol . you guys are right, that girl is gonna have to start
    her journey allll over again

  5. I would never let this lady do my hair. She’s too dumb! And all African
    hair do not have breakage at the nape….. I’ve never had it in my life.
    Smh what a fool on YouTube making foolish statements embrassing herself!
    There’s so many different hair types out there… U can’t just say TRUE
    African American hair!! 

  6. You’re better off getting this done by REAL Brazilians…better yet,
    Dominicans will do this right. I don’t know what the heck this lady was
    doing to this hair but it is not any where near 200, let alone 20. 

  7. Wow the blow dryer and straightener two times? Lots of heat damage I’ll
    just take the Dominican blowout….this is hurting the hair smh

  8. Just an FYI….the Brazilian blowout is EXTREMELY damaging to any type of
    hair. And you used so much heat on her hair ! Very damaging.

  9. I’m sorry, I couldn’t get 30 seconds into this video. What is “true”
    African American hair? My hair does not look like this. Is my hair ‘fake’
    African American hair? LOL I’m sorry that just threw me off guard…

  10. all that fucking heat! smh! i been natural for 6 months and i blow dry low
    to high heat if needed haven’t put flat iron to my head in almost a year
    and ppl always ask me how i get my hair super duper thick like it is. no
    flat iron thats what i say atleast for another three years.

  11. I would love to know if she had damage after this treatment. Because
    seriously me being a little over a year natural that was hard to
    watch…The amount of heat was scary. 

  12. what kind of hair salon would charge 200 for that !!, i would charge like
    30 for that, come on now !!

  13. I don’t care how tight or loose your pattern is; how coarse or fine your
    strands are…don’t nobody need that much damn heat! And wtf is
    African-American hair? Is our hair somehow different from Nigerians,
    Jamaicans, Afro-Brazilian’s or any other ethnicity of African descent? And
    besides, I didn’t realize we all had the same curl patterns, textures, and
    density. Like, sis, you’re a beautician you don’t know how to describe

  14. You all are arguing about prices and I am here in shock. I live in
    Barbados , the last salon I called told me I would have to pay $600 for
    this treatment .

  15. Every black woman does not have damaged hair! I’m sure every woman who has
    let her touch their head can’t say the same. Breakage in the nape of the
    neck or anywhere else on a black women’s head is only common if you do not
    take care of your hair! End of story.And “true African-American hair” is
    the hair that naturally grows on any black woman’s head, you just sound
    stupid. -_-

  16. I got a blow out yesterday LOVE my results!! It hurt a little, but not
    unbearable. But mines included a deep condition and was on $65.

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