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16 thoughts on ““Braided Twists” Easy Hairstyle for Natural Kids

  1. She is adorable, I look forward to seeing your hair tutorial videos for
    their hair, it helps me with my four year old who is very tender headed

  2. Your daughters are absolutely precious and have such beautiful hair!
    Your videos are very helpful and informative, and I have learned a lot from
    watching them. Thank you so much for sharing your hair maintenance regimens
    and hair care tips!

  3. This was so helpful. How often do you wash her hair? I went back and
    watched your blow dry video as well. Do you blow dry after every wash or do
    you usually twist her hair while wet?

  4. She has beautiful hair ! My one year old does not like getting her hair
    done too so this gives me a glimpse of what is to come when she gets older!
    Lol but your baby did great ! 

  5. Nadia is so cute! And her hair is adorable! I can relate with a tender
    headed child…my child is tender headed and cries so bad when I do her

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