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20 thoughts on “Blue Burst: Natural Hair Color Series

  1. You should try electric blue or an vibrant orange color next! This color
    looks amazing on you, I always wanted to try I color like this, but I’m
    simply too nervous. 

  2. I can see a purple looking FAB on you! Maybe even a purple “fading” to a
    lilac closet to the front/forehead!

  3. have you ever tried to put white and then apply the color you want? do you
    think that it would be too much? Anyways have you tried red temptation yet?
    if not you should definitely do that.

  4. Love the color! As, it looks totally awesome on you! The color that I would
    love to see you try next is a firery red color. As, I think it would look
    FAB on you.

  5. U should do a red velvet cake/ purple ombre type color :). You would look
    like a cupcake lol. So I watched another vid. Of u without the color not
    then another posted after with. My question is, is this color gone? If so
    did it stain ur hair? If not nvm lol

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