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4 thoughts on “Bleached Natural Hair Care Tips

  1. I totally want to try those protein conditionsers now !! & woah you use
    shea moisture? i feel like shea moisture weighs the hair down and causes
    buildup. i stopped using it and my hair went from being limp to bouncing
    and moving anyway possible on its own. I found out when i tried out some
    deva curl products.

  2. omg wow i was looking thourgh videos and thought this was old. until you
    mentioned the anti breakage.. and i was like hmph and saw it was out today

  3. I noticed a lot of Shea Moisture’s new products have protein, too. And it’s
    possible to buy products directly from them online now. Sally’s makes
    generic versions of some expensive products, so they might gave some things
    similar to what you mentioned. 

  4. I use the green olive oil heat protector too! I use a blow drying lotion
    too from silk elements

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