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25 thoughts on “Black Weave Hairstyles That Help Hair Grow Longer!

  1. I like to wear micro braids that I do myself. but they only look nice for
    about 3 to 4 weeks. When I go to the hair braiding shop with the Africans
    it looked good about 2 months and I took them out. they would have looked
    good for another month though. I am trying to look at youtube videos to
    improve my braiding skills. So far what i’m going to try is braiding twice
    as much synthetic hair on my hair section . I tried it on my mannequin
    head and it looks good. But the mannequin hair does not grow out of
    course, so i’m gonna give it one more month for some more new growth and
    then i’m going to try this technique on my own hair, and hope that it grows
    out looking nicer than before.

  2. I’m gettin’ ready to do my hair and was trying to figure out what I wanted.
    You reminded me of a wig! Great idea!!!! I’m headed to the wig store!

  3. I didn’t use a pomade to grow out my hair. I only use the oyin handmade’s
    burnt suga pomade when I do twists or braid styles as a holding product

  4. Thank you so much for this video. I am soooooooo happy that i found ur
    channel and ( plus we have the same type of hair and almost the same
    length;) i also love the fact that u take the time to write something ur
    thoughts in the description box. As for me i do those 3 types of protective
    style and i love them all. By the way i would like to know if u have so
    classic hair style for a wedding kuz my brother is getting marr this summer
    and i just don’t know what to do help…:(

  5. i would love to do braids but i’m worried about how they will affect my
    edge growth. any advice?

  6. Thank you! I have been really trying to focus on hairstyles that help hair
    grow longer and black weave hairstyles are the only styles that give me the
    freedom to not have to go through the whole detangling process every single

  7. Thanks so much for your supportive words! =) I’m glad you have been able to
    see the benefits of black weave hairstyles and how they can grow your hair.
    I am actually going to a wedding in two weeks and I’m doing a natural hair
    tutorial on that style. Hopefully the video will be up in time to help you.

  8. Thanks! I haven’t had the chance to wear yarn braids as as one of my black
    weave hairstyles, but I have hear lots of good things about them!

  9. i still go to school and we are allowed freehand only how do i make my hair
    longer if i get to have one hairstyle

  10. I love to wear yarn braids most time of the year im wearin them in diffrent
    lenghts and colors 🙂 Love this video

  11. i loved this video im about to braid my hair up and this will be my first
    long term protective style since big chopping a 3rd time im 6months natural
    i cant wait till my hair gets ur length u were very informative and thats
    what i loved about it do u have a routine for ur hair while its in
    braid/kinky twists? if so id like to know what it is thanx again for the
    video <3

  12. What is The name of the promade/pomade product should I use to.grow my
    hair. Cuz I went on ur website and I didn’t se it so can u please give me
    the name

  13. Thanks so much! I was just hoping to help women grow their hair with black
    weave hairstyles. I just think there is a lot of controversy about if weave
    grows hair or not. Thanks again for the comment! =)

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