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25 thoughts on “Best Pass/Fail Roller/Rod Set EVER! 4B Natural Hair TWA (No Heat) |SHLINDA1

  1. Totally agree with ur assessments! It did come out BEAUTIFULLY!

    On another note,You look like Lovita Alizé Jenkins from the steve harvey
    show. Bith of you are gorge

  2. Your hair came out awesome..well outside of the flakes. I love your humor
    girl, you made me laugh a lot :)

  3. I notice Eco styler gel is a flaky mess. I winder if it was that instead of
    the setting lotion. 

  4. Yeah, with lotta body, you have to dilute it with water and use sparingly,
    no matter what. The bottles used to instruct the user to dilute the setting
    lotion, but I think when wraps became popular they took it off lol

  5. Ms. Shlinda… I saw your hair and said… THAT’S my hair… but I think
    I’m 4C. It’s springy too, only courser. I wear tree braids now but I’m
    considering showing the natural all the time. Forgive me, I didn’t read all
    the comments, but did you try this hairstyle again and did you find a
    non-flaky substance that had the same benefit? Thanks in advance for
    answering. Love, love, love your how-to’s!!

  6. I love your videos. I am sorry I am kind of new to the natural hair
    journey. What type of gel would you recommend for the rods? What was the
    gel you used?

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