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25 thoughts on “Beginners Guide to Natural Hair | My Top 5 Tips & Tricks

  1. I’m almost 2 years in being natural and it’s good to still continue to
    learn about my hair as I go with this hair journey of mine. I did the BC
    after 2 months trying to transition and I can say almost being 2 years (in
    August) my hair is already past shoulder length and when I started my hair
    only reached my ear 🙂

    all I’m saying is being natural isn’t easy but once you get the hang of it
    or learning more about your hair then you will see progress.

  2. Iknowlee what do you be looking at?? Is there a mirror off to the side or
    do you have notes..just curious!

  3. I appreciate all the videos you put out because they have helped me with my
    natural hair journey. I had perm either fall out of my hair or cut from my
    hair over the course of 10 years now. I have a little heat damage, not
    much, because I always wore weaves. it’s literally a couple of strands.
    Your videos help me get through this. My job hasnt supported my change, but
    people like you help me through. Thank you!

  4. I’m not newly natural but the tips about ACV Rinse/co-washing were
    informative. I always wandered if you co-washed. I was using the shea
    moisture shampoo but it was not getting my hair clean…I still felt like I
    had build up. I tried going back to shampoo but it is drying, so might move
    back to the ACV rinse. 

  5. Hello! I’ve been natural for 3 yrs now and I just cut my hair due to heat
    damage. I was wondering how to preserve my curls at night without
    re-twisting (yes I use a night cap and it is no longer long enough to put
    in ponytails), and I was also wondering how to preserve my curls while
    exercising. Oh and btw my hair in the back is shoulder length and my hair
    in the front is chin length ( the sides are shoulder length), and I use
    shea butter and water to do my twist outs on the regular.So I guess I have
    some sort of medium length tapered cut. (:

  6. Thanks for the recap! You were the one got me to try Hello Hydration! on my
    TWA. So now after 2 years of being natural & my second big chop to a style
    and many many different cowash conditioners I came back to now my staple
    product and it still works. Thanks my natural hair guru! 

  7. Thanks so much, I’m in my second week of transitioning and I’ve watched so
    many tutorials but so far you have been the only one that actually
    mentioned how long I should try a regimen to see if it works. I’m currently
    using Cantu products but have brought Shea Moisture just didnt know how
    long I should try a product out before trying something different

  8. 2, almost 3 years later, and multiple chops I finally got it right.
    Learning my hair, water as a moisturizer, patience, and the LOC method
    saved me. Great vid!

  9. Do you think you would have more growth if you protective styled, more
    often? You have been natural for 3 to 4 yrs, right?

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