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25 thoughts on “Bantu Knot Out on Straight Hair | OBI Natural Haircare Review

  1. Love this ..and you’re so sweet! I am having a similiar problem with
    lighting…I use my phone as my camera and the best light I have is one of
    my bathrooms, but it is sooo yellow! I can’t wait to figure out how to fix
    it. And my voice over has a lot of air in the Mic lol.. so I’m a struggling
    newbie but I’m sure I’ll figure everything out soon. Bracing myself for the
    negative feedback:/ lol and Your Bantu knot out came out so pretty!!! I
    can’t wait to try it the way you did! Awesome video!! ;-)

  2. Loved the outcome of your bantu knots. REALLY liked the last pic. Soooooo
    cute! I know the feeling of high humidity dropping your curls. I learned
    that the hard way. Had these beautiful curls and in one hour poof!!!! 

  3. Looks nice! I was happy when mines came out right after a week of doing
    them. I used few products, I now have the best products for my hair. I know
    all about frizzy hair lol but tea tree oil helps with it.

  4. Your bantu knots came out really cute, get you an Ebonnet or bouffant from
    EboniCurls!! Prec18 knows about her and purchased a bouffant from her, once
    you get one you will throw that one away that you have

  5. I really like the Bantu knot video. I’m going to try this on my straight
    relaxed hair. Thanks !!

  6. love this not many have videos of how their bantu knots come out days after
    that is always my problem.. great videoo

  7. Heyyyy friend~ I’m “reasonnumbr1” on IG.
    You are such a cutie! And your son is just too adorable! I enjoyed watching
    this. Just subbed :)

  8. Lmao I was cracking up when you started talking and you son started making
    those noises but once you stopped he looked at you like =D lol! Sooo cute!

  9. What is your natural hair type? Mine is identical to yours and im trying to
    figure it out. I’m new to this natural thing.

  10. What lighting are you using? Please point me the direction of the vid if
    you have covered that already 🙂 

  11. nice…I have simular hair texture to yours…looks very soft. I do not use
    bobby pins…I just twist the knots and wrap them around till no hair is
    left and it stays. Looks nice!

  12. No offense but you have a big forehead , LIKE ME and I like that the
    hairstyle fits you perfectly and I hope that it fits me too . I want to try
    going natural and grow out my hair but I love this hairstyle and my hair is
    relaxed rn I hope it looks good I tried the Bantu knots once but the top of
    my head looked flat and I looked like a little kid I’ll try the curl cream

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