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15 thoughts on “Back To Black: How I Color My Natural Hair

  1. Maybe I should.use this hair dye as she is reopening on jan and I want
    something that can’t last more then a month and here in my country u can’t
    have colored hair in sch so they always go dye their hair during the
    holidays and dye black which is kinda troublesome

  2. Ok, call me crazy for not noticing, but I never thought you colored your
    hair. You do a great job!!!

  3. I like how this color wasn’t very black staining your skin. The final
    result came out nice! I love black hair

  4. i can never do jet black…i get a really dark brown..something as close to
    my natural hair colour as possible

  5. Nice results. I want to color my hair a lighter color for the
    spring/summer. But my hair doesn’t do well with color. 

  6. Looks very nice. I have been toying with the idea of coloring. I think I
    will try a rinse or semi permanent color. Thanks for sharing your videos.

  7. Great results. Are you cowashing as usual or adding more deep conditioning?
    I am afraid of dryness I guess.

  8. Hey doll!! I’ve found you too!! I subscribed to your channel and thank you
    for subscribing to my channel. Love your video and results!! Oh and the
    music too!! 🙂 be sure to check out my giveaway video. Shea Moisture!!
    Hint Hint!! LOL…

  9. So why did this not show up in my feed? I saw that you posted it on IG. I
    had to go to your channel and find it…smh Great results

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