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24 thoughts on “ALL New Black Women with Weave vs Natural Hair

  1. I’m Cuban white and in my family there are redheads, blondes, light brown
    and dark brown haired people. I have light brown hair. If I wanted I could
    dye it whatever color I wanted and I’m not getting out of my race. Black
    people get out of their race and choose another race’s hair to put over
    their beautiful hair. If I was black, I’d be like, “well, we are the only
    ones that could style it like this and that” and I would style my natural
    hair. Black people say, “it’s not that they want to look whiter but it’s
    just fashion”, that doesn’t make sense.
    That woman 25:15 is so ignorant. If white people are tan, that’s because
    they can tan. Nothing makes a black person get less dark unless they’re
    doing it through bleach or medication. It’s natural for a white person to
    tan but it’s not natural for a black person to wear weave.

  2. Question! Has anyone ever seen Caucasian Remi? I haven’t. With that being

  3. The girl in white blazer, if she wants be natural, the why is she wearing
    makeup? why don’t you let your face be natural as well?…..

  4. There is a reason that black people started an online petition for Beyonce
    to straighten blue ivy’s hair. Black people are extremely brainwashed and
    think that natural hair is ugly. They will go out of their way to criticize
    and ridicule people who wear their hair natural. 

  5. Why do women have to put down another woman’s choice to make themselves
    look more beautiful? Unite, please. 

  6. Notice how the weave wearers get very argumentative and the one with the
    ponytail starts to name call the black man for simply expressing his
    They get so angry when someone does not fall in line and agree with them on
    wearing another persons hair on your head.
    If this is what you like and it makes you feel “beautiful” why put down
    someone else because they dont agree or think like you do?

  7. The main issue with weaves is when you wear it continuously for days, weeks
    or even months at a time and it gets all disgusting with sweat, grime and
    bugs trapped inside.

  8. A lot of women who wore their hair natural was thought to be gay, or
    constantly were told they have bad hair, nappy hair, brillo pad hair while
    women with weaves or perms were uplifted. Now the tables have turned and
    it’s all about natural and so the natural haired women are doing what the
    weave wearing women use to do to them. Picking on them, judging them, and
    criticizing them for their hair choices. I don’t think this will ever end,
    to be honest. 

  9. I think that’s their choice I am not team natural or weave, wigs, or
    relaxed. My hair is relaxed, and it’s easier for me to manage because i
    just wanna put it in a ponytail do I self hate? No I’m mixed so my hair is
    all over the place. I mean it’s not all that important sigh

  10. I am for natural. I am tired of relying on weaves, especially when I don’t
    have any money. I want to go swimming under water and do a lot of stuff
    without worrying about my weave being ruined and figuring out where is
    money going to from to get new hair. I still wear fake hair for my braids,
    but a lot of people think its my natural hair and think its supper long. I
    have the braiding hair that looks really nappy, but I love it! I stopped
    perming my last year and started transitioning for like 7 months. I have
    been natural for a year and 1 month. I am going natural to save money, grow
    out long, thick, and healthy hair, hopefully get my natural highlights
    back( my perms strip them out), I love curly hair more and most of all, I
    love the natural look and it suits my face. I always grew wishing why Black
    people hair is the only race with nappy kind of hair and not straight like
    all the other race. I always wish I had long hair like the Asian people. I
    would cry, kick and scream, get angry and hated myself for not being born
    with straight hair. I also be wishing I was a different race other then
    black. Now, I love natural hair and what you can do it. You can wear it
    curly, wavy, straight, afro’s and many other awesome styles. Natural hair
    can grow longer and thicker because there is no chemicals killing it.
    Having natural hair is like wearing long weaves and stuff, it just its your
    own real hair and it’s not fake. You can curl your hair and have tight
    curls without of using an curly iron and stuff. 

  11. That lay girl insulated team natural either way so her point is invalid.
    She’s been rocking it before it was a style -_- I was rocking natural hair
    for longer and before her so she’s a poser just like the ones she called
    out. Because at the end of it you have to make yourself feel comfortable
    and if weave makes u comfy then by all means. Just dont let it be all nasty
    and smelly same as natural hair. So women need to stop. And yes black women
    can be born with light coloured hair so if they want to dye it who are you
    to judge.

  12. 31:32 – BS, If my mother can look hot at 50 with natural hair, so can you.
    I don’t by excuses. Dropped the mike and Poof! 

  13. Here’s the thing with me. I stopped wearing chemicals in my hair because it
    damaged my hair, my scalp always itched and it was literally burning my
    skin. During several perms I ended up getting some of the chemical on my
    ear lobe, and it didn’t stay there long, but it just being there caused my
    ear lobe to burn and peel. After several times of that happening I didn’t
    want to pull through the pain just to have straight hair. And the reason I
    felt that my natural hair wasn’t good enough was because I was raised with
    a family, including my mom, that like the wig lady, said my natural hair
    wasn’t presentable. I’ve had my hair natural for years and she still says
    little things like, are you going to do your hair, are you sure you don’t
    want to get it permed (because it’s grown longer than it ever did in a
    perm), every day I hear her saying you should do something with your hair.

    And it destroys any self confidence ( of which I have little) I have. It
    makes me feel like I need to go back to using chemicals that are literally
    burning my skin for her to accept me. So when the wig lady says she’s not
    having an affect on her children by saying natural hair isn’t presentable,
    or acting in a way where her own natural hair isn’t good enough for her,
    that’s bullshit.
    Because it does affect your children. Your children already have tvs,
    movies, magazines, etc telling them that their hair isn’t good enough but
    when your mom ads flame to that fire, you really do start believing it.

  14. White jacket sitting up there judging someone’s hair looking like Bozo the
    clown with all that make up. Where your natural FACE why don’t ya huh huh?
    Gtfoh hypocrite. 

  15. Black women look Georgeous with natural hair, it’s no excuse to take
    someone else’s hair and place it over your head. People say that black
    women look like drag queens with wigs and weaves on. I agree to a point,
    but it’s a sickness to take someone else’s hair and place it over your
    natural hair…..

    PS: and please don’t say white women do it to, white women get hair that
    looks like their natural hair. 

  16. Weaves: The representation of one’s self hate because of the internalized
    racism left after slavery and colonialism. I’ve been told that because I am
    not black I dont have a say in this. But, I am Mexican and I know what it
    is like to be looked down on for being dark skinned or being looked up upon
    for being light skinned. I went to Cuba this summer, “bad hair” was the
    named for “black hair.” Weaves show how much some Black women want to
    assimilate to the “White” look. Let me say that a woman becomes powerful
    when she embraces her roots and weaves definitely overshadow those roots.

    Also, black women’s hair is beautiful, diverse and unique. No black woman
    should be ashamed of their beautiful, beautiful natural hair. 

  17. I wish my mother would have used a texturizer on my hair when I was growing
    up.. I wouldn’t have suffered the trauma of getting my hair hot combed..

  18. Arcadia’s natural hair looks gooooorgeous. I thought that wig looked silly.
    I’m not against weaves or wigs but that looked a hat sitting on her head.

  19. It’s different if a white women dyes their hair or styles her hair because
    it doesn’t look abnormal. The white race has many different hair types and
    colors so it looks normal and natural. It looks stupid and unnatural when a
    black women has on that fake weave and they think they’re fooling someone.

  20. Another reason to work a weave is to not damage your natural hair. I have
    naturally long very fine hair. I’m absolutely going big ,curly, thick, hair
    this winter and going to LOVE IT! Change is good. 😉 

  21. I hate my twa! With a passion I have written only 3 sew in’s and I’m 21.
    Wearing them is actually healthier for your hair. (so long as your taking
    care of it properly. )

    But why is it that If we color our hair an unnatural color we ‘ question
    our blackness’ I’ve wanted to go red for several year’s simply because I
    love how it looks. So of these comments and opinions should be kept to
    themselves. Don’t just assume something you know nothing about 

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