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9 thoughts on “76. Crispy Pan Fried Pork Chop with Forbidden Rice, Zucchini Puree, and Seasonal Fruit Hand Pies

  1. We just got two Winco markets here in Vegas so off I go on the hunt for the
    Forbidden Rice! I am beginning to feel like Indiana Jones!

  2. lovely video hope i can find this forbidden rice check bulk barn here in
    ontario canada

  3. Thanks friend! A local store called WinCo stocks it in the bulk section,
    which is a blessing. Natural food stores like Whole Foods and Co-Ops might
    stock it. Or you can order it online, I’ve got a link to in on my website
    under ‘grocery and pantry’

  4. Good luck! If not we’ve got a link to buy it at a good price on our website
    under ‘grocery and pantry’

  5. How did you fine the Forbidden Rice! I have been trying to buy it for
    months but the guy at the Asian market keeps on telling me it’s forbidden!
    All that aside your meal looks absolutely delicious! You sure do make some
    killer dishes!

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