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25 thoughts on “#62. How To: Crochet Braids w/ Marley Hair

  1. Hey Everyone….take a look at my “How To” Tutorial on the very popular
    Crochet Braid with Marley Hair. This style looks so realistic everyone
    will think it’s yours. I hope you like it!

  2. Love how you make the video simply, I am doing my protective hair style
    right now and I love it.

  3. I did this hairstyle this weekend. It looks great! One thing I would add is
    to curl the hair for the back before you put it in, unless you have someone
    willing to help you dip it in the water. Other than that, this tutorial and
    style is one of the best I’ve seen!

  4. Great video! I think I’ll try this hairstyle but leave some of my hair out
    for a more natural look. Thanks again!

  5. OMG!!!! Simply gorgeous! :0) I noticed when you installed each piece of
    the Marley hair that you didn’t split the pieces? Also, it appeared that
    you allowed spacing between each latch installment on each braid? This was
    my first crochet style and I didn’t do too bad but I want to try it again
    with the use of this video as my inspiration to perfect this hairstyle.
    Thank you for your clear and precise instructions regarding how to achieve
    this very popular hairstyle! :0)

  6. I have seen people now pre-dipping the hair before install. Have I tried
    that? Seems so much quicker and safer

  7. I love this!!! I’m going to try it out! Do I have to worry about the
    crochet hair pulling my normal braids too much??

  8. I love this style. You did a great job explaining while showing how to get
    the look. One question, when curling the hair on the rod you said something
    like you twist the hair then wrap. Can you explain your technique. Thanks

  9. OK did u crochet by how the packs are sectioned!? How much hair did u use
    when crocheting the hair in!? Ur pieces look pretty thick. I’m trying this
    tomorrow and I want it to look exactly like urs

  10. when you rod the hair did you have to comb out it out some or just strait
    rods because i tried doing it without combing the marley hair out and it
    turned out real bushy instead of curly

  11. I love this crochet style I’M thinking about doing my hair like this
    protective style it’s gorgeous.. 

  12. I love the results!! I have a couple of questions. How many packs did you
    use? Also in having a hard time finding the hair you used. Is afro twist
    braid synthetic hair fine? Thanks

  13. Okay.. you totally sold me on these. I absolutely hate wearing fake hair
    and haven’t since I transitioned, but I think I might just do it because I
    was to look cute without having to constantly re-braid my hair every night.
    This may be the go-to style for special occasions! 

  14. This looks really good when you first unravel the curls and I got Lots of
    compliments. BUT the longer you wear it, the more DRY it looks. It starts
    to look like you washed your hair and rolled it up without putting anything
    on it. I think someone on YT suggested trying Xpressions or Kanekalon hair
    for a not so dry look . Wondering if there’s anything to do about that as
    I prefer the marley hair !!

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