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25 thoughts on “6 EASY Steps To LONG NATURAL Hair GROWTH !!!

  1. Get hair tonic that helps your hair grow faster, i use argan rain argan
    oil…It works quick and easy way

  2. When you moisturize is the hair suposse to feel oily? When i moisturize my
    hair it doesnt feel soft or look like it. Its just oily and makes my face
    break out. And i am natural 

  3. I’m 14 yrs old and I found this video very helpful! As a child I had really
    long natural hair because my mom kept it moisturizer and in protective
    styles! But when I started doing my own hair it just all fell out and now
    I’m trying to grow it back on my own! I just started going back to cornrows
    but I do wear my hair out for a good month before getting it braided again.
    So this video really helps for when I have my hair out! 

  4. I’m 15 and my hair is already a pretty good length. But I wanna continue
    growing it,can some please tell me how to deep condition.?? Is that just
    with only conditioner.??

  5. I like you your so beautiful to watch and your voice is so soft and cute I
    am definitely subscribing :-))))

  6. I’m 12 and the one thing I say to people is to not touch my hair. My hair
    is shoulder length but to me it is not growing

  7. Oh yeah, i have a question. I often wear my hair just pulled up and i use a
    claw clip to hold it in place instead of bands. I moisturize daily (spray
    bottle, argon oil & shea butter cream = the famous LOC method) I’m asking
    how you feel about this as a form of protective style considering i don’t
    wear any hair down yet it is still technically exposed. (Uhhh hope i made
    sense lol)
    P.S. I barely comb just smooth the edges up with a soft brush
    Thanks :)

  8. It is possible to regrow your hair or cure your hair loss totally by stop
    the creation of DHT (the hormone that cause hairloss)

  9. my hair is really thick I try to get long waves but my hair just gets
    tangled even more and nice video

  10. I just subscribed to your channel and i have to say you’re the real deal
    gurl. I truly believe you represent the natural hair community well. Keep
    going. Love the hair and the protective styles you sport. Stay Blessed 🙂 

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