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25 thoughts on “6 Amazingly Simple Hairstyles For Lazy Girls

  1. I have a couple of Asian friends with naturally big, textured hair. One is
    half Japanese and half Korean. One is Okinawan. One of my good friends is
    half white and half black, but has a giant fro. And lots of Irish people
    have thick, curly hair.

    So to say that straight/curly hair is limited to just white/black is very
    misinformed. (Referring to some of the comments here.)

  2. They call these “amazingly simple hairstyles”… You know, I’m tired of the
    internet telling me that a hairstyle is “really easy” or “basic”, and it
    being really freakin’ complicated. I can barely BRAID my hair, let alone
    any of this. 🙁 I wish I could do the knot bun.

  3. I think it bears mentioning that these hairstyles require quite long hair.
    My hair is just past my shoulders and it was impossible to do the first
    one. I couldn’t even get it in the knot.

  4. Well since I have a sensitive scalp and long curly hair, none of this would
    be good for me. I’ll pass this down… but I will stick with the pigtail
    and high ponytail. 

  5. …. Now you can’t wear a scarf on your head because it supposedly
    ‘belongs’ to another culture?

    Confusion at its finest 

  6. Having straight hair is so much better than curly hair.
    I’m black and I have those disgusting hair. I wish I were white….

    The last sentence made me laugh…. Why french ? xD

  7. I find the curly hairstyles to be a bit .. Boring. And the last one just
    seem racist to me. I dunno. 

  8. Imagine the knots if you did the first one. Brrrr…..
    I thought you’re supposed to comb knots out of your hair, not tie them in.

  9. Okay. I’m not wanting to sound racist hear but there are hair styles that
    black women call pull off beautifully but just don’t work for white women.
    So what kind of lazy hairstyles are there for white girls with long curly

  10. to all the people complaining about these hairstyles, if you don’t like
    them, go to another hairstyle video!! seriously its not their fault they
    didn’t make the hairstyles YOU like

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