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25 thoughts on “5 Tips – How To Grow Long Natural Hair Fast With MINIMUM Stress

  1. Hey Jostylin! It’s Asha from Naturally High, we were both featured on a
    Black Girl with Long Hair article. I’ve subscribed 😀 Do you use a heat
    protectant when you blowdry? Which one? 

  2. It’s some good tips however; the camera is so shaky that it’s a bit
    distracting. It would be great if it was placed in one spot. Thanks for the
    tips 🙂

  3. I can relate to the thinning . In fall 2013 , I went from an inch from
    being bra strap length to chopping my hair into a pixie cut just do get my
    thickness back. Now Im 3 mths from my 5 yr mark shoulder length . 🙁 I now
    only finger detangle and it makes such a difference.

  4. Excellent video! I’ve recently started blowing out my hair on the cold
    setting and its working wonders, no ssks, detangling takes 20 minutes as
    opposed to 2 hours, smoother hair etc. The only thing I’m struggling with
    is moisturising and reversion – do you just spritz the ends of your hair?
    how do you keep the braids hydrated during the week?

  5. I’m glad that you mentioned blow drying, my hair reacts the same exact way!
    I love blow drying my hair

  6. Ohhhh, so that’s why my hair is doing so well now. I am currently just
    using water and leave in conditioner this past month and shared that in my
    recent video originally entitled “benefits of water and huetiful steamer in
    natural hair” but the title wasn’t catchy enough so i changed it to *2 shampoo
    DAMAGED my natural hair!* LOL that caught some eyes but yeah it was in fact
    mostly based on that theory right there. lol. I’m three years in January
    but had a bad set back last year in the crown but has recovered and so far
    so good. I’m on the right path doing the right things but not always
    understanding the science behind it so thanks for the answers! Ima stick to
    my water and leave in woop woop. 🙂 I knew there was something good about
    it. Uk watcher here! Wink wink 😀 First video of yours i’m watching and had
    to sub!

  7. can you show us your routine from washing to maintaining moisture and how
    you use the blow dryer and what type of blow dryer you use? Thanks!

  8. I agree with everything you’re saying; however, there are people who aren’t
    of Caucasian origin who have naturally straight hair and some Caucasians
    actually have extremely curly hair, so to eliminate bias and add accuracy,
    instead of saying afro hair is not like Caucasian hair you should say afro
    hair behaves much differently than straighter hair. Also plenty of
    Caucasian people use blow dryers, so you shouldn’t say white people are
    afraid of using them because they think it will fry their hair. (this is
    very untrue and sounds kinda racist… where are your facts? who told you
    this??) If anything, blow dryers are more damaging to kinkier hair textures
    because it takes longer to fully dry down to the scalp using a blow drier
    on kinky hair, as opposed to straighter hair. Overall i understand why you
    would use Caucasians as a parallel to afro textured hair, since many
    Caucasians are known to have straighter hair; however, to dispel many myths
    and over-generalizations about different races, please be careful about
    your wording when referencing other races. I’m not trying to be rude or
    anything just trying to eliminate misconceptions in the natural hair
    community. Have a blessed day.

  9. Thanks for sharing this helpful info! I am regrowing out my hair after it
    got to mid-back length four years into being natural, then started
    splitting after I flat-ironed it a few times. Now, I am focused on having
    healthy hair rather than length, maintaining a good moisture/protein
    balance and using simple ingredients. My low-porosity hair is finally
    thriving because it is well hydrated. I want to point out that if you
    braided your hair and let it air dry and it turns out “super dry” your
    products likely are not doing their job? I say this because my hair used to
    do the same, but now it can air dry soft with the right product combo. I do
    not currently blow dry my hair and your vid has me interested in trying it
    out, but I hope no one watching thinks that blow drying will be the
    solution for non-moisturizing products. A good routine begins with well
    moisturized hair, and then finding ways to style it after that. 

  10. Thank you Ms. Holland. You’ve said everything I don’t have the energy to
    say today. I have said it before but I get tired of hearing these
    comments. You seem to be one of the few black people who get it. People are
    misinformed about hair types. It makes me wonder if black people are
    trying to convince black women that they don’t like themselves simply
    because they want to change their hair . . . that’s another story. Anyway
    thank you for your comment. 

  11. hi jo, loved the video and thanks for the tips, I was wondering if I use
    heat protection does that prevent the heat from doing its job?

  12. I agree with the tip of washing it in braids. I recently started doing this
    (in twists instead) because i was just lazy one day, but i found it was so
    much easier to finish the wash and style process. So this is what i usually
    do unless I have a bunch of gel in it. 

  13. Omg where were you like a month ago!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Especially
    with how you wash your hair, omg I never would’ve thought to do it in
    braids, I’m going to try it this weekend! I’m just now starting the
    transition to natural hair, I figured it would be easier for college (just
    started) and I’m just done with relaxing…haven’t done it since last
    December. So if you have any tips feel free to shoot em my way (I’m a
    newbie)!! Thanks again!

  14. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been natural for 3 years and my hair
    barely touches my shoulders. I’m definitely going to use these techniques
    asap! Great video.

  15. I understand your theory.The natural oils from the scalp are able to make
    its way down the shift, because the hair has been slightly straighten from
    blowing.Heat can work, you and Longhairdontcare use similar techniques.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thanks for the tips, I use to blow dry my hair after weekly wash and
    condition but was told I was damaging it., so I will definitely start blow
    drying again.I missed your videos, glad you are back!

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