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20 thoughts on “5 Last Minute Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair | Protective Styles/Updos| LauraJaid

  1. Loved every single hairstyle. Too bad my hair isn’t thick enough to do any
    of them except maybe the last one with the bun on top. 

  2. These are so nice. Girl dont be stingy show us how to do some of these

  3. I loved this video! Could you do tutorials showing how you achieved each

  4. Why is there only a “like” button as I’m in “love” with these styles! When
    are the tutorials coming? I just found your channel and have subscribed.

  5. You had some really cute styles!! The braid with the top knot was my fav

  6. You are so adorable and those hairstyles are AMAZING!! im not that creative
    so i def needed this video to get inspired!!!! yes to protective
    hairstyles!! :)

  7. The styles are gorgeous…i love the one with the bun at the top although i
    didn’t the front…i love will try those for myself and my daughters.

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