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25 thoughts on “4C|| How to Grow Natural Hair? Tips to grow Black Hair fast

  1. I AM 4c and I AM BIG AS HELL… and 19 months ago I shaved my hair off and
    today I posted a hair length photo on team natural on Facebook and…
    they’ve asked me what I use on my hair and how can they get their hair to
    grow quickly.

    Btw I actually gained weight due to the different medications I was taking
    because of my cysts, arthritis, pinched nerve and the meds for my spinal
    cord situation. Plus I was also eating fast-food damn near everyday. Since
    February 2014… I haven’t eaten a Burger… I have lost 50 pounds since
    February… I stopped drinking sodas… I drink almost a gallon of water a
    day plus 1-4 glasses of Green tea without any sugar added to it. I eat 80%
    veggies now instead of breads and pastas…

    I said that to say this… even though I was and still IS BIG AS HELL… my
    hair grew/is growing. 

  2. 1. Stop wearing weaves and sew in’s. Protective styles really only put
    strain on the roots of your hair. Which causes more breakage and slows down
    the growth stage..

    2. Leave your hair alone. This is very important. Dont use any heat, dont
    braid it hard to the scalp, Let your scalp breath. Dont clog your pores
    with cheap commercial products.

    3. Dont Comb it. Only comb it when its really necessary. It would cause
    more damage than what you started with. Particularly with african american

    4 Dont use any tv, store products on your hair. They can damage your hair
    in the long run. It wont grow.

    5. Only wash your hair once a month with a clarifying shampoo. The best
    thing for you to use for you hair is shikakai and alma powder. There are
    more powders for preferences. These are ancient, natural hair cleansing
    powders that have been used in India by many women for generations. It
    strenghtens the roots of your hair, helps stop breakage, causing more
    growth. You can get them at your local Indian store for 2 to 3 dollars.

    6. Put oil on your hair every night before you go to bed. Braid it and
    brush it if you can. Coconut oil is very good for your hair. Even i’ve been
    using it since i was a child. My mother never let me use anything else. It
    helps to keep dry hair moisturized.

    7. Do not cut your hair. If you cut it too much you wont see any growth. I
    don’t cut mine at all for religious purposes. I haven’t ever before.

    You dont need a ton of products to have healty hair. What really damages
    hair is when you switch up the products you use. Commercial products tend
    to lie about whats in their products which is why my mother never let me
    use them. I would not recommend them. My hair goes to my knees. The rest of
    the women in my family have hair that stops at their shins. I expect mine
    to be getting there soon.

  3. Great video. New naturals need to watch this one over and over. I’m 4c my
    hair is mid back length. Why? I Leave IT ALONE!! You can’t constantly mess
    with it like 3’s and even 4a’s can. Think of it like Filet Migon. Do you
    have it every day? No? Once a week? No? Why? Cause it’s FILET MIGON and its
    going to $$COST$$ you. But when you do have it so worth and it stays with
    you even if you can’t have it every day. Same with 4c hair. To style it,
    take care, of it takes time. To wear it out is going to cost you. But what
    4c properly taken care of hair can do is show stopping. And believe me
    Everyone will remember YOUR hair even you go back to you protective stlyes.
    Or in this case chicken and hamburger.

  4. I am inspired and an island Jersey girl as well! How do you keep your hair
    moisturized when in a protective style that lasts months? Like say a
    sewn-in weave?

  5. My hair keep breaking!! I wash my hair or comb my hair and I see strands of
    hair..what should I do

  6. Nobody with 4c hair has mentioned this but do you use heat on your hair? Or
    embrace the shrinkage after washing it? I hear heat is bad (if used
    improperly and consistently) and im trying to find ways to style my hair
    after washing it instead of using heat to manage it. Just wanted an

  7. I do believe your hair being healthy has to do with you being healthy but
    you don’t have to be skinny to eat and drink healthy just so you know big
    as hell people can have healthy hair as well :)

  8. I’ve been natural for 2 years and my hair hasn’t grown at all to me. It was
    doing good until I started putting heat to it

  9. Is there a way to keep your hair out or in a natural style and still have
    it somewhat moisturized ? I want to be able to enjoys hair and wear it out
    and not always where it in braids or protective styles.


  11. Hey Sis…I was with you until you called me a fatty-fat-fat! LOL! Just
    kidding…I do realize that being healthy in all areas of my life (even
    mental health and wellness) means healthy hair…great vid! <3

  12. great tips i plan on following a few myself. Btw who sings the song in the
    beginning of the video?

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