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24 thoughts on “#46. Natural Hair Protective Hairstyle “Twist’n’Bun”

  1. Omgggggg I found my birthday hairstyle!!! I’ve been indecisive ALL morning
    on how I wanted to do my hair for tomorrow & BAM!!! This video popped up.
    I’m a NEW sub so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUU for this amazing

  2. absolutely love this tutorial! i think im going to try it out, however my
    hair is of a shorter length so we’ll see

  3. excuse my language but this hairstyle was fucking gorgeous!!!! It’s like
    all of my fave natural hairstyles thrown into one, It’s beautifu,
    soooooooooooooooooooooooo BADASS!!!! 😀 IT WAS SOOOOOO EASY TO DO!!!!

  4. I’m in LOVE with this look! My hair is already really really long. I wonder
    how this lol could be achieved without adding the extra hair….

  5. Hi friends here’s a new style I found, that is quick and simply to try.
    Hope ya’ll like it. Its super cute and sexy.

  6. LOVE this! Can’t wait to try this for the holidays! Thank you so much for
    sharing you make it look easy! 🙂 

  7. I’ve been looking for protective styles and this one is gorgeous!!! I
    might try to do this for new year’s eve.

  8. I love this. thank you for the idea because I go crazy trying to style this
    hair…lol I am newly natural but I’m learning

  9. You did a good job! 79 people surely do not have a life! Thank you Tiff for
    sharing, I will try it and post a pic!!!

  10. This little lady is so beautiful she could be bald!! I thought wow, she
    does not need any extra hair but once she was finished, I could see why but
    this is motivating!!!

  11. You asked what do I think? That was some complete awesomeness. I often wear
    my hair in that bang back part configuration – now with your awesome
    inspiration I can add a pony to it.

  12. Lovely….fantastic, I cannot wait to try it. The style is so much easier
    than others I have seen. Thank you.

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