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25 thoughts on “#45. Cornrows and Twists Natural Hairstyle (Kid Friendly)

  1. OKAY ms.tiffany I am a kid and I really want my grandmother to do this to
    my hair but shes 72 I know she can do it but she just gets cramps in her
    fingers what can I do

  2. Thank you for sharing! I have been looking for a simple protective style
    besides goddess braids for my girls! This was perfect! The style was very
    cute and so is your baby girl. 

  3. I love this style. I’m trying it on my daughters hair today. If I can’t
    find the pack of hair that says Marley braid, can I use Jamaican twist
    hair? Thanks so much for sharing your video ☺

  4. Thanks for this great style idea, It was fairly simple, I just did it on my
    daughter’s here and it came out pretty good. thanks again! 

  5. I love this look soooo much I can’t wait to do this style on my 7yr old
    daughter for picture day next week and also on my self! Your daughter is
    gorgeous. Love it and thank you for sharing:0)

  6. I did this style on my daughter (12 yo) and it turned out beautiful. I
    ended up using a pack and a 1/4 of after because the braids were a little
    smaller. Thank you again. Please upload more kid friendly hair styles. Good

  7. how long does this take because I want to get my hair done like this
    tomorrow plz and btw u did a great job and s was rocking it?

  8. Hi, this tutorial is very helpful!

    What is the name of the hair dressing shown in the beginning? What would
    you recommend for coarse hair

  9. Hi babe. I just did this for my daughter- its a gorgeous style for gorgeous
    girls- like yours. My twists is not there yet so I braided it all through
    and still curled it- its beautiful. Thank you babe. Muah! 

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