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13 thoughts on “393 * Natural Hair Routine for Kids

  1. my two year old flat out would NOT wear her satin tie or scarf. now she has
    a satin pillowcase and you’re right- it really helps her with retaining

  2. Thank u so much for this info! I love watching your vids especially about
    your girls; I now have 3 girls so I’m still learning and trying to
    establish a routine for their type 4 bc hair. It’s not easy trying to
    develop a routine ( wkly, monthly, daily). I find that I go maybe about a
    month or so without washing their hair which I know is no good. When I was
    it however I use AVC with conditioner. My 4 year old hair is verrry coarse
    which is frustrating. Trying to find the right products for her hair is a
    struggle bc it gets pricey trying all natural products. Do u have any
    suggestions on products

  3. Happy Thankgiving and thanks for sharing more great tips for kids. Any tips
    on how you trim their hair?

  4. Hello. My daughter and I are both natural. I’ve been natural for about for
    years now. I can see progress withy hair, but my daughter’s hair is at a
    stand still. It won’t grow, it dries out, her ends are DEAD!!! I’ve TRIED
    clipping them but I think I just messed them up. Please help any advice
    would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  5. How to create a #NaturalHair Routine for your kids #naturalhairkids
    #kidshaircare #haircare

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