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25 thoughts on “37 – natural hair – yarn twists -mMini-tutorial, tips, tricks (part 2)

  1. love your twists! very nice and neat. I’m going to try this but maybe have
    someone else do them for me cause im not that good at styling hair LOL.
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. I want to try that, thanks for making this video, I was wondering if you
    can do a twist with yarn.

  3. omg, this is so darn cute. Was the yarn irritating to your scalp at all?
    Also, does the yarn need to be cleansed prior to use? TIA

  4. it would be easier on you if you just spit your natural hair in half then
    do like a small cornrow

  5. OMG! Thank YOU sooo much!!! You have nooo idea how many times I have tried
    to do the twisting method and they just kept unraveling. Your method is the
    BEST one and it WORKS so that it does NOT unravel! Thank you sooo much.
    About to go do my yarn twist now! Thanks again for showing me this method!!

  6. awesome!! i did yarn braids instead of twists, and I absolutely love them!
    Its an awesome protective style, but it also lets you experiment with a
    “loc look” without actually having to do locs haha but anyway, thanks so
    much for the suggestion!! ps. your twists look A-MAZING!!

  7. How long did these last? Every time I try yarn twists they only last about
    2 to 3 weeks since it slips a lot.

  8. I’ve noticed that braids/yarn slip from my hair super easily with the
    traditional way of braiding, im going to try your way next time and see
    what happens.

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