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15 thoughts on “361 * How to Do African Threading on Natural Hair; Tips and Tricks

  1. Hello do you finger detangle before threading or do you use tools ?
    Sometimes my hair tangles when drying into african threading and i think
    it’s because of my detangling part

  2. Aww u just took me to my childhood with the thread – used to be 50francs
    and my mama would hook me up with some threaded plaits lol 

  3. WAOOO thats exactly how my mom used to thread my hair the same technique.
    My mom used to use three threads in one section and i keep it for like a
    week !!childhood memories lol. for some reason we thought (us nigerians)
    that threats grows ur hair . do they still sell that type of threading my
    mom asked my auntie to buy some but she said they are no more selling those
    type of threading in nigeria . she said they now have the wire threading
    which u use and u can wash it again to use it next time .

  4. Great tutorial! I LOVE how while You where doing your Girl’s hair, She was
    doing her Doll’s Hair!! 😀 Great demonstration of the technique. I think I
    could do the front of my hair but the back ……yeah it would be
    interesting lol! Practice, Practice and one of those mirrors where you can
    see the back of your head without doing a yoga worthy contortion. Thanks
    for the tutorial!

  5. I love African threading. I do mine slightly different, but same results!
    Love it! Staple stretching method since I let the blow dryer go

  6. Both of your girls have such beautiful thick hair. I’m wondering if you’ve
    noticed any thinning of their hair from the thread over time. I’m a little
    concerned because my hair is not as thick. It just seems like the thread
    might be like small scissors in my hair. Hope I’m making some sense. 

  7. Thanks so much for putting this video up. I tried to do threading today and
    I realize I was doing it all wrong lol. Know I can just watch this video
    and learn how to do it better lol.

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