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15 thoughts on “3 New Hair Product Favs

  1. I love the hemp seed butter, works great on my hair for twist outs. Last
    time I used it was for my vacation in the keys last summer. Hair held up
    the entire time.

  2. I remember every night the two of us moisturizing and braiding our hair….
    Lol! In the morning our hair looked fab!! It was am experience traveling
    with my hair out!! Last time I put mini twists in.

  3. I think I would…. I could do both… depending on my level of planned
    activities… I like to get into the water. In mexico although I got in the
    pool, didn’t swim. I like to swim. I actually plan to start trying out wash
    and gos this spring/summer. I do believe if I can get that together, I
    would have the BEST of both worlds! Especially with traveling!

  4. Yes I learned a lot….def gonna put in about 15 braids or so at night
    time. I can’t believe the thought didn’t connect me while I was there. But
    Everyone in Cancun loved my big hair….and I wanted it smaller and wavy.
    You had put in smaller twist in and it stayed…still I was clueless lol.
    Anyhow, now that you’ve experience wearing your have out some. Would you
    wear it out 100% next time?

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