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25 thoughts on “{27} HOW TO GROW Natural Hair LONG, STRONG & HEALTHY (8 TIPS)

  1. You are so lovely and beautiful! Amazing personality, great tips! Thanks
    for sharing 🙂 Bless xo

  2. I have color treated hair that had gotten very dry and brittle.Even my
    hairdresser commented on how damaged it was ı didn’t even know about argan
    life shampoo. but was in a store that sold the product and I read the
    description on the bottle and decided to try it.The hair care products I
    was using were expensive and also designed to be moisturizing, but just one
    use of argan life shampoo made my hair, soft and manageable. After 2 weeks
    of use I know I will never buy anything else! 

  3. In November I will be 3 years natural. After watching this video I feel
    more informed than I have this whole time. Thank you.

  4. I love the way you explain stuff, like a professor explaining to a student.
    You are excellent. As a newbie who just did my big chop in a mens
    barbershop yesterday June 6 2014 ( i have less than an inch left) am all
    ready to learn all I need to learn for healthy long curly hair. I only
    subscribe to you, mahoganycurls and SimplYounique. You guys are the best. I
    want to hug all 3 of you. I dont want to listen to too many people and get
    confused. You 3 are my top favourite only. And am sticking with you 3. You
    speak well, you are 3 classy ladies and great testimonies.

  5. Mineral oil is toxic. If ppl understood that they would not use it. It’s a
    byproduct. Castor oil…not the black is the best for hair with water.

  6. kitty I have a good question i wash my hair and then get it braided and
    leave it in for 2 weeks but people are telling me that’s too long to keep
    my braids in. so they’re telling me that i have to wash my hair once a week
    so tell what should i do. my hair use to grow really fast but it feels like
    it’s getting thinner when it use to be thicker well i want you to lead me
    in the direction of getting long and thick hair

  7. I know it is super important to moisturize but most of the moisturizing
    product I have tried ( and I have been trying all kinds of products for
    about 2 years now) and they all just sit on my hair and it continues to
    stay dry. It’s like my hair doesn’t absorb any moisture at all. Even after
    I get out of the shower my natural hair ( I am transitionsing so I have
    relaxed ends) is dry as a bone in less than 4 minutes(and it feels like I
    was never actually in the shower at all) after I get out of the shower and
    the relaxed ends are dry after 10 minutes with no heat. I am not sure how
    to combat this constant dry issue. 

  8. So how many times a week do you put the shea moisture in? And also what
    kind of oil is good oil to use I just started my hair journey my hair gets
    kinky curly but also gets very dry 

  9. My hear keeps breaking off,and I don’t know what to do,How do you grow your
    hair without using products?,I always need to go and let someone make my
    hair(for extension and stuff)Wich style could be good for you ?,please
    anyone helpp

  10. Your youtube channel was recommended for me, & now I see why. You’re very
    informative, & I see that my current hair routine is aligned with your
    recommendations, so at least I know I’m on track!

  11. I love that I big chopped a month ago (even though I’ve been natural my
    entire life) you learn a lot. I know how my hair takes dyes and different
    oils. My routine is so simple. I wet my hair every day and let the
    conditioner sit on my hair soaking wet. And then I put coconut oil on it.
    My hair loves that I’m being constant. My hair thrives on water. My natural
    hair without any oils gets very oily from my natural oils. I don’t believe
    that ALL NATURAL HAIR is dry. It’s different for everyone. My favorite type
    of water is rain! Lol. My hair loves rain. When it rains I’m outside. And
    my hair grows crazy from it. But I encourage everyone to learn about their
    hair. I believe it takes a good year to truly learn your hair because there
    are so many things you can try. Love everyone. ! I just uploaded my BIG
    CHOP on my page. Love for you all to check it out. 

  12. Hi. Not sure if anyone asked this question. Couldn’t go through all the
    comments and questions. How long do you keep a protective style in? How do
    you keep it moisturized if more than a week and how do you moisturize the
    style without it getting fuzzy looking? Thank you for the video. 

  13. You’ll be able to re-grow your hair or cure your hair loss totally by
    prevent the creation of Dihydrotestosterone (the hormone which cause hair

  14. How is natural hair supposed to grow out? Is the natural hair just supposed
    to grow on top of the relaxed hair? How do you know when your hair is
    breaking off? I haven’t got a perm since September 2013 & I have the coarse
    , very thick hair texture. My hair is currently past my shoulders and I
    don’t want it to break off, I want it to grow even longer. Please help me,
    give me the proper day to day & overall instructions on how to go through
    this natural journey with a hair type like mine!!

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