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25 thoughts on “(21) Natural Hair Journey – Marley Twists Tutorial

  1. You earned my subscription. I was about to return the hair until I came
    upon your tutorial. Now I’m all done and it looks like yours. Thanks a

  2. I love it! Can you do a tutorial on how to take the twist down without
    damaging your hair?

  3. Great tutorial! The ONLY problem with adding the hair this way is that it
    becomes loose at the roots pretty quick. In other words it can look like an
    old style pretty fast. If u dont mind having to do them over frequently it
    works. Your hair looks amazing! 

  4. Oh my goodness! Im so happy I came across your page!! So concise!!! Im
    excited to try this! I need to learn how to do my own hair and stop paying
    people to do it Lmaoo

  5. Girl…thank you. Straight to the point. Everybody else talk soo much
    before showing how to do this. I’m trying this tomorrow for the 1st time.
    But I think I may have to get another pack. I only have 3.

  6. How long did it last Love? I want my to last at least 4 weeks, and then I
    an take it out and redo probably. 

  7. Out of all the tutorials I’ve watched, this one’s the best by far. Before
    watching, I just couldn’t seem to get the invisible root part as tight as I
    wanted them to be. Your finger clamping technique for that work(s/ed)

    Thank you for this video!

  8. Out of all the videos I have watched! and trust me , I’ve been through a
    few, you give the best directions with clarity. Thank You!

  9. Thank you so much you give the best directions with clarity and thanks to
    you im getting marley twists

  10. thanx so much, planning on trying this on my sister for this summer, she
    wants a professional but i feel like i could definitely do it after
    watching this. LOVE your nails btw

  11. Great video and easy to follow directions. You took your time and talked
    thru it, many people don’t. High five!

  12. seriously considering marley twists!! my natural hair needs break,
    especially since it’s winter!! (: thanks so much!

  13. Hey! I did have a question! How do you part your hair to make it look so
    neat? Is there a system you use or do they always end up so even? I want tk
    do this and your vid helped but I don’t know how big or snall to do the

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