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23 thoughts on “2 YEAR NATURAL HAIR GOALS | Hair growth plans JAN 6TH 2014

  1. You are so talented! Wishing you all the best on a healthy hair journey in

  2. DANG, your hair has FLOURISHED!!! CONGRATS, so i guess you’re the new
    Rocky who fights hair breakage huh lol. You are too funny xoxo

  3. LOL, GIRL, I MISSED YOU! You are too funny. You are doing a good job with
    your hair. I have to get some of that oil.

  4. LOOOOL Girl, it’s 11 second in i’m already loving this!! Going to watch the
    rest now! Expect a reply to the inbox soon loooove <3

  5. Hey boo! NO MORE HAIR LOST!! Now I am going to be singing this all week.

  6. I feel u I right with u good luck keep us posted I am in the hair growth
    thanks 4 sahring 

  7. i wanna see the video please of your 2yr anniversary please i cant wait,…
    my 2yr is thus month as well ill be doing a video too lol but ive had many
    set backs oh well ill still show it blow out and flat iron ok 

  8. You have a great voice! Congratulations on your two years chica! I do the
    overnite thing with castor oil too & my hair has been loving it! Im
    actually just out of my regular castor oil and was thinking of getting the
    jbco coz Ive never tried it before. 

  9. You are so funny lol Good luck and congrats on making it 2 years whoot

  10. Your hair has definitely progressed. I remember when you had the breakage
    in the crown and now look at the difference…amazing. Happy Hair

  11. Congrats on getting ur hair nursed back 2 health. Happy New Year and Be

  12. I LOVE this video! Your hair looks super thick and healthy! Can’t wait to
    see your blowout+length check! I don’t think my hair really grew that much
    last year but I will be doing a length check 24.1.2014 because it will be a
    full year then but I wont give up either!! Thanks for the motivation boo 😀
    Did you freestyle or write those rhymes!? Amazing!!

  13. Singing and snapping my fingers…” Gro…hair…Gro” So proud of you for
    hanging in there and not cutting your hair off… Congrats 2 yr natural
    anniversary! Thumbs up =)

  14. Happy anniversary!!! Loved the motivational video. You have a great
    voice!!! Your hair is growing like crazy sis!!!! Yay!!!

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