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25 thoughts on “1 Year Natural | Alopecia Hair Growth Success (Black Women)

  1. I remember when you first posted the recipe I went out and got the rest if
    the ingredients, and I must say in 2 weeks I could tell the difference but
    the areas where my alopecia was at was coming in but slow so I lost
    patience with it and cut it off and started wearing my wigs again. But I’m
    trying it again and in 2 weeks I’m all ready seeing growth. I just need it
    to thicken up. Congratulations in your hair and you look MARVELLOUS! :-

  2. that was really cool to watch elapsed. proof that hair grows if you chill
    out and let it be! I also have a texture like yours. its always longer than
    it looks after a wash…SHRINKAGE!!

  3. OMG please help. I’m trying to get my hair back on the sides. I have became
    so insecure. Please help. Queen_Jaylan @yahoo.com 

  4. Could you post what you did to grow hair? I am losing side hair, which is a
    sign of alopecia. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Congratulations
    on your success!

  5. wow look at all that hair!! nice and thick. Love videos like this.
    Inspired me to keep going. Yes!! :)

  6. Congrats ♡ Ive been subscribed to you since day 1 and I must say that your
    hair look fabulous…. great job! And happy health hair journey :-)

  7. Congrats! the progress looks really good!! Looking forward to year 2! Also,
    you have ALOT of hair! Wow. So full. I’m actually quite jealous. :)

  8. This is an awesome video…definitely keeps me on the right path…I’m in
    my second month…I’m super excited to see the results in a year

  9. My hair came out badly as a result of traction alopecia well it’s been 6
    month now since the bc and its filling in slowly…….. I use jbco and
    coconut oil also jojoba oil…… I also use curl enhancing smoothie as a
    moisturizer (I do the loc method) and I deep condition once a week……..
    My ends feel dry and I got a trim last month…… I don’t understand 🙁
    any suggestions? Do u know of a real good moisturizer for 4b 4c hair? And
    great progress :)……. One last question at 6 months my hair all the way
    around is bout maybe a tad bit over 2 inches…… Is that normal or slow
    hair growth?

  10. I did not realize that we big chopped around the same time last year.
    Because of where I lost my hair and lack of patience I had cut off all my
    hair again. No more big chops. I am just gonna keep doing what I’m doing
    even though progress is slow. Bc in February can now braid my little hair.
    But still have the bald spot if you can help I would appreciate it. You are
    truly an inspiration to me. Much love. Faith ❤

  11. OH.MY.GOD.! I’ve been missing your progress! But man when I tell you your
    hair looks good I mean that. You’ve came a long way. Keep it up. And keep
    up the good work with your channel!

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