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24 thoughts on “1 Year Natural (4c) Hair Journey 2011 – 2012

  1. I am so proud of you for being courageous and going natural. Your hair is
    absolutely gorgeous!

    I have extremely coily curly hair. My hair is about a 1/2 inch long when
    wearing it natural, but about 4 inches when stretched out. From a glance
    people think that I am a man which is painful but once they see me up close
    they realize that I a middle age woman. Also it’s hard to fix my hair in
    feminine hairstyles. You are inspiring!

    Thank GOD that you have a supporting and loving husband in your hair
    journey. I am single and it’s difficult for a Black woman with short
    natural hair to attract a man or get a boyfriend. Your video brought tears
    to my eyes and reminded of me of my childhood when other kids made fun of
    my natural curly hair.

    You should be a spokesperson on Black hair care. Thank you for your

  2. Awesome journey! Continue to take care of your health and you’ll always
    look younger than your real age:)

  3. I love this video… It is what my newly natural little sisters needed to
    hear. And I would like to thank you younger sisters for showing us older
    women how to take care and maintain my hair. And for making youtube videos.
    You guys make the journey worth traveling. Being guided by the spirit of
    our youths…

  4. I had to drop some tears watching your journey but you’re absolutely right!
    My whole life I was told I had my grandmother’s hair and that it was
    beautiful but as I grew I wanted mixed girl hair because it was easier to
    take care of. Even if your hair is beautiful, if you yourself don’t see it
    you will continue to be dismissive and allow people to tell you negatives
    that makes you think differently about it and yourself. I really enjoyed
    your video because I feel like you get it. Going natural might start out as
    something you do because you want to accept your hair for what it is but
    it’s really about accepting yourself. Your hair is part of you, what makes
    you beautiful and is absolutely gorgeous. 4C hair can be so hard to deal
    with but you have to listen to it and not try to make it what it isn’t. I
    really enjoyed your video. 

  5. Your are awesome!! Thank you for the encouragement 🙂 God bless!o…and
    your hair is on point!!

  6. I love your hair. I am 17 y/o and honestly just started joining this
    natural journey because of friends and family members and loving the way
    their hair looks. I don’t really care what anyone has to say to me because
    i am already loving the way my hair looks. Yeah i know its only the
    beginning but it will never stop. 

  7. You are very beautiful and your beliefs and decision to go natural are
    inspiring! :)

  8. I love your hair I have been natural 8 months now and I have the same
    texture as you . 

  9. OMG! Thanks a lot girl … I’m crying. People have no idea how hard,
    difficult, extressful it is having a 4C hair. I’m gonna do my big chop next
    week, and nobody is supporting me, because my hair now is beautiful, even
    using chemical in it. But what they dont understand is that i’m losing half
    of myself not assuming my personal, only and original hair. It will not be
    easy, but I’m commited to my happines, so i’ll try. Thanks a lot for your
    words, God bless us. Feelings from Brazil :*

  10. Thank you for the true words you spoke at the end. It take a lot more than
    not putting a relaxer in your hair. Taking care of your real hair is a
    blessing, it teaches a powerful lesson about loving yourself. I been there
    and still growing. 

  11. You go girl! I support you. I struggle with long, limp, thin hair. Let me
    know if you have advice for a thinning sister.

    Peace out from Cali.

  12. Love this!! The message at the end made this by the far the best hair
    journey I have seen. My boyfriend and I went to the blacks and wax museum
    today and we got a chance to see how they lived on the slave ship amongst
    other harsh treatments that we as African Americans were put through. Once
    we left we had a nice discussion about it (I love a man who can engage me
    mentally. Lol) and we end up getting on the topic of how our ancestors
    looked back then and how it is sad that we are judged today and told that
    we are ugly or not good enough because of our hair and our appearance as
    African Americans (which we obviously can’t help) I am happy you put that
    message at the end and since we have two little girls who have full
    features, and kinky hair it is extra important for them to see how much
    mommy and daddy love themselves so even when the negativity comes their way
    about their natural hair and African features they can laugh it off and
    keep it moving instead of being ashamed about it!! Sorry for the book but I
    loved this video that much! Lol. 

  13. You are a beautiful woman and I’m so happy for you and hope you’re still
    keeping up!~ I’m inspired by this video

  14. Wow!! I needed to hear your words. Wearing my natural hair in public has
    been very difficult for me. It really takes a lot of confidence. Thank you
    for this powerful video. You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful positive

  15. Love the music and very encouraging…I’m still on the fence, but after
    seeing this I’m closer to going over 🙂 #beautiful 

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